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Have you built an ecommerce website that receives a high volume of traffic and sales? Even if the answer is yes, there are ways to drive your sales even further. There are many ways to increase your conversion rate, and here at Store Express we look at how the retargeting of ecommerce websites can help to boost conversion rates.

What Is Retargeting And Why Is It Important To Ecommerce Websites?

Essentially, retargeting is a paid marketing channel that allows businesses to display certain ads to people who visit your website but do not make a purchase. However, there are many other ways to make retargeting work for you. Here are a few techniques aimed to drive your sales and increase your conversion rate:

• People who abandon carts should be targeted with ads that encourage them to return to your ecommerce website. Things that should be included are testimonials, a guarantee of free shipping or easy returns. A more aggressive approach to retain a customer who is about to leave would be through offering a special discount.

• Include specific adverts with products that will interest the customer. This can be done by looking into their browsing behaviour and can help you to increase your conversion rate. 

• Similar products can be offered to people who already purchased a product from you. It provides you with great insight into what might persuade customers to return to your store.

• Run a sale of old stock that needs to be replaced with new items and make the special offer time-sensitive. The sense of urgency will help you attract more attention from potential buyers.

• If you notice that people come to your website and leave after seeing the page about shipping and returns, it’s time to retarget your ecommerce website. Make your content relevant to your visitors and use trust signals such as a money-back guarantee or speedy delivery.

• Depending on the products that you sell, you could also offer accessories. For instance, consumer electronics is a great niche and when someone buys a video camera, you can follow up with an email around two weeks later offering a great deal on a tripod or a microphone.

There are many other techniques that can help you to drive your sales. However, retargeting will not produce any results if your ecommerce website does not look trustworthy and professional.  

Increase Your Conversion Rate With Store Express 

The team at Store Express are experienced professionals who work to provide ecommerce websites with innovative and professional e-store platforms. What are the benefits of owning a Store Express ecommerce website?

• Stunning and professional website design.
• Comprehensive product information management.
• Interactive zoom of your products.
• Special promo codes and vouchers.
• SEO-optimised content.
• Professional blog module.
• Automatic stock updates.
• W3C compliancy.

There are many great features to an ecommerce website created by Store Express. Revamp your current web design with Store Express for online success and an increased conversion rate. Here at Store Express we have the experience and the tools to help you to make the most of your e-store.

Ready to increase your conversions? Then call the team at Store Express for more details on ecommerce websites and web solutions today: 0845 050 3500 or email


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