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Responsive web design is the ideal choice if you want to make your website accessible to all devices without having to create separate websites for each device. Responsive ecommerce is gaining traction as the preferred method of web design for online retailers.

What Is Responsive Ecommerce?

Responsive web design uses various design features that allows your website to adjust to fit any size screen on any size display.

Responsive ecommerce web design has three important features that it uses to change your website to fit different devices. One of these features is fluid grids, webpage elements are laid on a grid and sized based on relative units like percentages, rather than absolute units. The second feature is flexible images; this means that the images change size depending on the device they are viewed on. The last feature is media queries; this enables the website to know what device the website is being looked at on and alter the size and layout to fit the screen.

Why Responsive Ecommerce The Best Choice For Online Retailers?

Responsive ecommerce web design is user friendly. The fact that the mobile website is the same layout as the desktop website means that your customers can find the information they want quickly and easily. This easy to use format is also useful as it will attract new customers and your current customers will keep returning.

It is also advantageous to use responsive web design as your website will adapt to whatever device it is viewed on. This means that information that is relevant for customers will be on the front page and they will not have to scroll through multiple pages to find what they want. Navigational tools and icons, such as the shopping basket, will be easily accessible on all devices. This makes it more likely the customer will stay on your website and not click off due to them enjoying a smoother user experience.

This is important for ecommerce retailers as if the customer clicks off your website it can give your website a high bounce rate. Indeed, mobile websites that do not have the same content as desktop websites have been found to have a high bounce rate.

If your website receives a high bounce rate then search engines, such as Google, will assume that your website does not have the information pertinent to the keywords that were entered in the search. This means that your website will move further down the search results list making it less likely that it will be accessed by the customer.

Responsive ecommerce web design is also beneficial for ecommerce retailers as Google favours mobile websites that are responsively designed. This means that if your website built to be responsive, and the customer is using Google on their mobile, Google is more likely to place your website near the top of the search results.

Store Express For Responsive Ecommerce Platforms

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