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In the UK, ecommerce websites have helped power online retail sales to a staggering £91 billion, a figure which is expected to rise in 2014 to £107 billion. The amount of money being spent online is massive and growing yearly. So, if you think your business could benefit from professional ecommerce solutions, there are important questions to consider.

5 Important Considerations When Building an Ecommerce Solution

  1. Why Ecommerce? – First and foremost, the most important consideration when building an ecommerce solution is why do you want to use ecommerce? Are you looking to increase sales or brand awareness? Taking questions such as these into consideration will give you a strong reference point and a more focussed goal when creating your ecommerce solution.
  2. What Will My Website Look Like? – A vital part of generating sales and revenue is to have a website designed that is user friendly with high conversions. A big part of increasing revenue from you website, it making sure that your website meets best practice guidelines, making it easy for the consumer to find what they are looking for and purchase. Our designers at Store Express have the all knowledge you need to create stunning eCommerce solutions and websites to encourage new sales and keep customers returning.
  3. How Sustainable Is Your Ecommerce Solution? - Ecommerce solutions work best when subject to continued tweaks and changes.  Reflecting the changing needs your consumers and trends in the marketplace, it is important to regularly review your ecommerce offering. Building an effective e-commerce solution will take time and require constant maintenance, so consider the costs of future proofing your ecommerce website with a responsive solution.
  4. How Will Your Ecommerce Solution Integrate With Your Business? – Initially, building an ecommerce website might take you away from the more traditional aspects of your business. Remember that your website should run in conjunction with your physical business, and so will also be affected by stock levels and promotions etc. Look for a solution which works seamlessly with all aspects of your business for peace of mind.
  5. What Will Be Your Website’s Reach? - As the internet is a truly global concern, make sure to take into consideration that your business will now be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Remember, your ecommerce solution will need technical support to ensure its smooth running to be instantly accessible to your potentially global customers.

 Build An Ecommerce Solution with Store Express

At Store Express, we have the ability to create a full ecommerce solution for your business in the UK or overseas. Following best practice guidelines, we can build you a high converting ecommerce solution with a user friendly front and back end. Helping to manage all aspects of your business including stock, orders and promotions, our ecommerce websites will also provide consumers with a easy to use, accessible online store.

To learn how Store Express can help you build the perfect ecommerce solution, call one of our team 0845 050 3500 or email for more information.

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