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You will probably come into contact with a QR code more than once every day. They are used throughout the 2D media and are now making their way to web and onto ecommerce solutions, but what are they?


What is a QR Code?

A QR code is a square grid matrix of lots of small black and white squares dotted around the main square area. In three of the four corners there are larger black squares. They look like rather elaborate barcodes and truthfully that’s all they are.


What are they for?

The job of a QR code is to enable cameras such as on mobile phones or tablet computers to be able to read the mess of squares and instantly be able to tell the phone a piece of information. This information can be any number of things. The most popular information contained inside QR codes is URL’s to websites, Contact information or Location information.


Why put them online?

You may be wondering why do you need a QR code on a website, surely I can just hit a button and have it link me? You can, but say if you want to transfer a link on your ecommerce website from your home computer to your tablet or smart phone. You’d have to slowly re type in the URL for that ecommerce solutions webpage or go through the whole search process retracing your steps until you get to that same page. With QR codes you can just simply use the camera on your device and instantly that exact ecommerce website page appears for you to continue viewing while on the move. This is just one example of the numerous uses for QR codes; from app download links to promotional coupons to use in store the list is endless. The underlying strength of the QR code is being able to send large amounts of data easily just by holding up one device so it can scan the QR code.


So hopefully after reading this blog you can see how useful the world of QR Codes are for the world of ecommerce websites.


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