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There are many essential components that can make or break your ecommerce website. If you want your e-store to succeed, the professional ecommerce solutions provided by Store Express will have a positive impact on your conversion rate.

Let’s look into the features that successful ecommerce website product pages have, and their most important components. Some of the features that should be included are absolute must-haves, while others depend on your target market and your industry.

Ecommerce Solutions For Your Product Pages – The Basics

The following features are a must for your product pages, as they contain some basic information that visitors will want to see before they actually buy your product. Store Express ecommerce solutions already provide the majority of the components in the platform itself. How many of these are already present on your ecommerce website?

• Product title – you need to use the H1 tag for this as it will help the search engines to index the page.

• Product pictures – high quality images are vital because they are important for the visitor when deciding to buy the product or not.

• “Buy Now” button – this must be well-defined and clearly visible.

• Make the price visible and clear.

• Include product availability.

• Display the payment methods clearly.

• Shipping information, together with the options, fees or offers, is crucial.

• Your returns policy must also be clear, and it also should be flexible to the customers.

• Product details should be written in a tone that suits your branding - do not simply copy the manufacturers description. What’s more, unique content will benefit your SEO.

An additional feature that should be present is product reviews. User-generated content can help the shopper to decide whether to buy the product or abandon it. Other product page essentials include item ratings, reviews and wish lists, all designed to make the final decision easier.

Bonus Features For Your Ecommerce Website Product Pages

You can make your product pages even more attractive to potential customers if you include the following features.

• Product videos. This type of product presentation works especially well in showing your items in the best possible light. It also works for clothing stores and other items.

• The 360 degree product view. This is a perfect feature to showcase your products from different angles.

• Interactive zoom feature. Your customers should be able to see the product close-up, which makes this feature essential in clothing and shoe e-stores.

• Security signs. Less known e-retailers should include the trust marks to appeal to first-time shoppers. A professional website design also encourages trust.

• Prominent contact information. A live chat or a phone number can help your customers find out more about the product, and it also encourages sales.

There is so much more to ecommerce solutions; are you ready to give your sales a serious boost? Then look no further than Store Express, who can provide you with a professional and tailored solution to drive your sales and increase your conversion rate.

Boost your sales with Store Express ecommerce solutions. Contact the team by email: or call 0845 050 3500.

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