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Writing content for any ecommerce solution can often seem a daunting task and often leave people wondering where to start. With so many things to think about such as is my content benefiting my customers, does it sit well with Google and is this helping or damaging my brand, many people are deterred from content writing and resort to copying and pasting or just doing the minimal possible. But wait, this doesn’t have to be! Below are a few steps that will help you along the road to content writing success.


knowing your ecommerce customer is key!

Most importantly get to know your customers. What makes them tick, what they love/hate about your brand or ecommerce stores and what the most importantly what they want! You’re probably thinking how can I find out, quite simply just ask them. Surveys, questionnaires, ratings and buying patterns all help to give you an idea of how your customers work and what they want from your content.


ecommerce stores brand goals

Establishing what exactly your brands goals are is vital. After all if it’s not clear to you what they are, it’s going to be impossible for any of your customers to work out what they are suppose to be. Create clear goals, product values and outline services, make sure you keep to these values and arrange your content accordingly.


Invest in your ecommerce

Content generally isn’t free so before you begin make sure to outline costs such as staffing and content management, you’re going to need people to make and look after the content. The best way this can be done is through the use of stern leadership and budgeting using spreadsheets. The best people to get on board are search engine optimisation teams and people who have worked in social media, editorial background or email marketing.


Multi channel ecommerce

Chances are you’re not just communicating to the potential customers through your ecommerce solution alone. Social media websites, blogs and emails all are made up of content. Make sure to research into other areas of content sharing as your customers could be looking for you there. With all of these different outlets for your business make sure you have a strong brand enforcement in place as it could be lost.


Love ecommerce content

Over all love the content you produce as if you do 9 times out of 10 your customer will too. Have fun, experiment and enjoy being able to share your content with the world and your customers who support you.


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