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Demand for improved ecommerce parcel delivery:

The national watchdog consumer in Scotland is demanding improved parcel delivery services. Study conducted showed that about one in three people struggle with getting hold of their parcel deliveries. More than one in 10 people believe that the collection points are too far away. About one third people have trouble with picking up their parcels due to inconvenient opening hours at the parcel delivery offices. People are demanding for a wider choice of collection points, more convenient opening hours and up to the minute delivery information.

All these difficulties will only make online shoppers shy away from online shopping and turn to high street shopping. If you’re having difficulty with maintaining your customers and getting new ones due to the fact that you aren’t able to provide effective ecommerce parcel delivery services then contact Store Express. We are experts in providing you the best ecommerce solutions that will help you provide best services, which will in turn get you more new customers as well as increase the number of repeat customers.

Store Express ecommerce modules can help you provide best delivery services:

Our ecommerce solutions will help you manage your delivery services easily and effectively. Our modules will provide you with innovative and novel delivery methods. Our methods will make it possible for your customers to collect their packages at whichever location is most convenient. It will improve customer convenience and will hep you to cut down on missed deliveries, bundle packages in one place, optimise routing and lower operational costs. Since we have provided ecommerce solutions for an array of customers, this makes it possible for us to craft out solutions that will match the expectations of your customers as well as meet the requirements of your business.

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