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Mobile Website Design a Seemingly Essential Part of Ecommerce Solutions

Over the past few years, m-commerce has experienced significant boosts in usage. In fact in recent weeks the argument has been posed whether m-commerce will eventually take over ecommerce. At present there is no definitive way of knowing, however the two are often used as complementary ecommerce solutions, in order to make the most out of the online shopping market.

Could Mobile Sites Eliminate the Olympic Ticket Ecommerce Fiasco?

Having a mobile site alongside a regular ecommerce website gives you an opportunity to reach a wider audience and target market, during more times throughout the day. Now with mobile sales growing, you have the chance to increase revenue significantly more than competitors who just use a standard ecommerce website.

Having this alternative avenue for making an online sale has sparked some debates and criticisms over the Olympic ticket sale fiasco. Thousands of people have struggled to purchase tickets to the 2012 Games due to the single website that sells them frequently crashing under the heavy amount of traffic. Some speculate if their ecommerce solutions provider had recommended a mobile website payment system, things may have run a bit smoother. However there are many other factors to consider, so for now no one can definitively say whether this would have been a good option in this case.

But for most ecommerce websites having a mobile website design can; increase their conversion rate, decrease bounce rates with quicker loading speeds and allow you to create a more focused, optimised site that specifically meets your mobile visitors needs. Store Express provide mobile web design as part of their ecommerce solutions and they do more than simply shrink down your current website. They ensure it is optimised to work well on a variety of devices and browsers, as well as ensuring it functions properly and serves your business objectives.

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