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Retention is easier than acquisition. Making sure your ecommerce solution gives you the tools to encourage return business will drive increased revenues.

Ecommerce Solutions to Drive Customer Loyalty

There are a number of fundamental tools a good e-commerce solution will have integrated allowing you to maximise the customer experience; thus encouraging good customer loyalty and driving return business.

The first key factor is customer experience. We need to ensure that at the point of acquisition the customer is having the best possible experience. Ecommerce solutions that allow you the track the progress of an order from start to finish will ensure that the process is as fluid as possible from the consumer’s perspective. Speedy delivery and order updates are a great way to build customer loyalty. Once we’ve proven our level of customer service and instilled confidence in the consumer, we need to drive the return business. Choosing an ecommerce solution that offers email marketing facilities and promotional discounts make keeping in touch with your customer base and encouraging return business as efficient as possible.

Ecommerce Solutions for Market Segmentation

With the right ecommerce solution, we can build a customer database that allows us to segment our customer base and send offers that are relative to the customer’s spending habits. If a customer has purchased a product that we offer accessories for, the ability to produce bespoke promotional codes targeting these products will drive retention.

Store Express offer e-commerce solutions suitable for businesses of all scales. For more information, please contact 0845 050 3500.

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