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Responsive ecommerce site designs adapt to the user’s device, whether it be a smart phone, tablet or desktop. Images and navigation are resized to provide an enhanced user experience. A well designed responsive website can lead to an increase in conversions.

How To Make The Most Of Responsive Ecommerce


Responsive websites can adapt to suit the needs of the device and the consumer, creating a smoother, stronger experience for the user. To make the most of

responsive ecommerce

, it’s important to know how page designs on mobile devices should differ from desktop websites. You should also take advantage of the other benefits of responsive design.


– For the best user experience, navigation has to be quick and easy. On mobile devices, it also needs to be simplified. Firstly, the header should shrink. The list of pages featured on a desktop header should be condensed. This can be done by featuring less pages and using icons instead of words. On each page, only essential navigation should be displayed. While everything on a desktop site should be accessible on mobile, showing everything at once can distract users and clutter pages.

Finger Friendly

– To make browsing your site smoother, make sure links and buttons are finger friendly. Fingers are not as accurate as mouse pointers so enlarge icons, links and buttons.


- Images play a big part in converting traffic into sales, so do not shrink them down to thumbnail size. Continue to feature them prominently on mobile sites alongside a prioritised call to action.

Call To Action

– Mobile users are looking for a quick and smooth online shopping experience, so the call to action should be given priority. The action button should stand out and be placed at the top of the page or just below the product image.


Social Media – The majority of people access their social media accounts using their mobile device. For this reason, your business not only needs to be active on social media channels but should ensure in-bound links are available on mobile devices. Responsive sites make this much easier to achieve.

Improved SEO

– You can also make the most of responsive design’s ability to improve your site for search engine optimisation. To optimise an m-site, there needs to be multiple domains, duplicate page content and canonical URLs. This means a lot of work for Google, which is why Google recommends a responsive solution. Responsive design only requires a single URL so it is easier to crawl and index, which will result in improved SEO.

Responsive ecommerce

can offer a lot of benefits to businesses. It is an easier to manage solution which can boost sales, create a stronger user experience and improve SEO. Our ecommerce experts at Store Express can create the perfect responsive solution, which is the best choice for a seamless, multi-channel consumer experience.

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