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Ecommerce Solutions Can Make Your Website an International Hit on Amazon

Online businesses can access new international markets by expanding their ecommerce website into online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. The UK ecommerce industry has significantly grown over the past few years and the rest of the world is following suit, albeit at different speeds. SMEs online should therefore capitalise on the countries that are slower to fully embrace ecommerce and realise its true benefits. You could be running behind in the UK market, but it’s possible to achieve some form of first mover advantage in the sector you’re involved in online.

Spain’s ecommerce sector, for example, is relatively immature compared to the UK, Germany and France. As payment systems, delivery systems and basic infrastructures improve it’s expected the Spanish market will soon catch up.

Amazon Number One in Spain for Ecommerce

One important nugget of information that could help UK ecommerce businesses easily enter and succeed in the Spanish ecommerce market is to embrace multi-channel ecommerce. This ecommerce solution is available through Store Express and it allows businesses to fully integrate all the orders and transactions processes from one database system. This enables you to complete global ecommerce with the same ease as when you do it locally.

Research has shown that consumers in Spain respond well to familiar brands, and are therefore more likely to shop from them. As a result Amazon is the country’s number retail website. So by joining this website and optimising your ecommerce website to function at optimum level with the aid of Amazon integration platforms; you can complete, track and manage orders and stock effectively from both platforms in one place. It saves you time and consequently money, as you’re better focused on how the business is performing and can make the appropriate strategic changes.

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