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More and more people are browsing the web on multiple platforms. The use of mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets in particular, is booming so it’s now more important than ever to have a website which is mobile friendly. The demand is only going to increase, so businesses need the best solution in dealing with increase in online traffic from smart phones and tablets. One strategy used to develop websites for multiple platforms is responsive ecommerce, but is this the future?

What Is Responsive Ecommerce?

The two most popular methods of creating mobile websites are mobile design and responsive design. Responsive ecommerce is a way of designing just one website, which is coded so it can adapt and be viewed on a computer, mobile and tablet. In contrast, mobile design requires a separate website and template. As a result, a responsive site allows customers to use the same site on more than one device, with the same experience.

What Are The Benefits Of Responsive Ecommerce?

Mobile usage is continually on the rise so it’s important to have a reliable online solution which can be used seamlessly on phones, tablets, or laptops. Responsive ecommerce can make this much easier to achieve for businesses. Here are some other benefits of responsive design.

User Experience – Online users want consistency when visiting any website to avoid frustration and for easy access. The experience on mobile sites tends to be altered and not everything will be found in the same place, which will increase the chance of the user leaving the site. Mobile sites also take a lot longer to load, which again increases the chances of a user leaving.

Social Media – The majority of people now check social media channels on mobile devices. This means the links businesses post on social media will most likely be opened on a mobile or tablet so if there isn’t a mobile friendly site the user will likely leave. Social media also contributes to the consistency of brands online. At Store Express, we can design pages for Facebook and Twitter to match your brand and increase brand exposure.

SEOResponsive ecommerce sites tend to perform better on Google because there are less SEO errors than on mobile template sites. This is due to the single URL needed by responsive design sites.

The Future – Template sizes for responsive designed sites are based on screen size rather than devices, which means the site will adapt to any screen size. In the near future, this will be crucial as more and more devices are being used to browse the internet such as watches and televisions.

Make Your Ecommerce Site Accessible On Mobile Devices

We have over 10 years of ecommerce experience and during that period our experts have developed easy to manage ecommerce solutions for multiple platforms. We can improve your brand exposure and conversion rate through websites and mobile sites and your social media channels.

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