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The online retailing environment is fierce and companies must look beyond a single channel strategy in order to succeed online. Arguably the most profitable multi-channel opportunities for SMEs operating online fall within eBay and Amazon. However, in October of 2012 announced the launch of its marketplace platform. This exciting opportunity now allows merchants to list their products on at competitive prices. With it being a less saturated marketplace compared to eBay and Amazon, there are better opportunities to gain some form of first mover advantage. Integration With An Ecommerce Website

The marketplace provides a huge opportunity for any online retailer to broaden their reach at minimal cost, however there is one main limitation to operating online sales through multiple platforms; stock management. It is all well and good being able to sell across multiple channels, however it is imperative that stock levels remain at a cost effective and manageable level. To ensure you always have a true indication of stock availability in place for all your channels of online retail, Store Express now offers the ability to integrate its ecommerce websites with


What this means is that you can list products directly on to from the ecommerce management system at the back end of your website. Any orders then received from will pull through into the back end of your website, meaning you can process all orders from a central location. Integration With Store Express 

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