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Seemingly the new ‘buzz’ word, ‘internet marketing’ receives approximately 300,000 queries per month on Google. Inclusive of services such as email marketing, social media management and UI/UX optimisation, internet marketing is becoming increasingly more and more important, if you wish to stand out from the crowd.

Integrating Marketing Into Your Ecommerce Website Design

Part of a successful ecommerce website design, integrated marketing through social media and other platforms, ensures that your business offers more than just a sales opportunity. Important for your brand identity, integrated marketing can extend your brand’s message across multiple channels in a consistent manner. Diversifying your target audience, internet marketing, inclusive of targeted ads on Facebook and social media web page design, can help to increase traffic through an improved brand identity.

The basic principle of integrated internet marketing is to ensure that both the internal and external messages developed through your ecommerce website design, are consistent across all channels and sites. To make sure, there are five key factors which should be taken into account:

·         Communication

·         Co-operation

·         Consistency

·         Clarity

·         Creativity

Drive Relevant Traffic To Your Ecommerce Website

One of the easiest ways to implement internet marketing is through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Enabling you to drive relevant traffic to your site, social media web page designs can create brand awareness, whilst inviting users to visit your website. Two of the most popular social media sites in the world, Facebook and Twitter attract millions of users every day. With a consistent brand across your ecommerce website design and social media page, you can engage with consumers and industry experts by providing relevant content and product promotion.

Remain Relevant With Mobile Optimised Ecommerce Website Design

It is estimated that approximately 10% of visitors to your ecommerce website will view it on a mobile device. An important part of your brand’s identity and marketing strategy, mobile optimised ecommerce website design can be integrated with your existing solution. Providing users with a site optimised for their smart phone or mobile device will help to ensure that your brand’s message is not lost. Once your ecommerce website has been optimised for mobile, it will be easy to use and navigate using key gestures such as double taps and swipes.

If you are interested in creating an integrated marketing strategy for your business, start first with an effective ecommerce website design. Once implemented, your brand’s identity can be integrated across social media platforms and optimised for mobile. Helping to increase conversion rates and brand awareness, a stunning ecommerce website design from Store Express can provide you with ecommerce and brochure solutions, as well as other aspects of digital and print media. Guiding you through the entire ecommerce website design process, Store Express can advise you on best practice whilst helping you to realise your vision.

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