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Integrated ecommerce:

Integrated ecommerce solution is a process that involves integrating your ecommerce system and your back office applications such as ERP and CRM. A fully integrated ecommerce module will allow a seamless flow of data between your ecommerce website and your existing back office applications including your accounting, order management, stock and fulfilment systems, etc. This greatly increases your revenue potential and reduces operating costs. It will allow you to add new products more efficiently by reusing data in several different operations. Integrated ecommerce solution eliminates the re-entering or re-keying process, which saves time and increases accuracy. Since re-entering information is reduced and almost all processes are automated, manual work is reduced. You can check your inventory in real time. Mostly data will be stored in a centralised location, which makes it easy for you to store and access data quickly and easily. An integrated ecommerce module will streamline and simplify all your business processes, which will in turn increase productivity. The key to success for online retailers is customer satisfaction, since an integrated ecommerce solution allows your customers to get the most up to date product information, inventory availability detail, etc., quickly and easily, customer satisfaction level increases. The biggest benefit of an integrated system is that it helps you with controlling your business better.

Services from Store Express:

Now if you’re looking for integrated ecommerce solution services, then Store Express can help. Our ecommerce modules have been specifically engineered to deliver extremely robust integrations with supporting business systems and back office applications. Our modules can be customised to best fit into your business. Our integrated ecommerce solutions will prove to be extremely successful and helpful when it comes to handling multichannel operations. All data will be synchronised across various online retail avenues, which will offer smooth experience for both the retailer as well as customer.

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