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Consumers now are shopping online more than ever. As a result of this, more businesses are switching to ecommerce websites. However, having a web presence is not enough to survive online. Providing consumers with a great customer experience is essential, not only in gaining new clients, but also avoiding losing potential customers. There are a number of different solutions available for your ecommerce website that would not only improve the online experience for your clients, but help you sell more online.

What Are The Main Issues On An Ecommerce Website?

The most recent eCustomerServiceIndex report shows consumers are now even more satisfied with their online shopping experience. In the six months leading up to January 2013, it was found that the user satisfaction was 83.4%. The user satisfaction has steadily increased since the study began in 2008, and is an improvement on 76.7% found in the 2009 findings.

Although businesses are more willing to invest time and money into their online platforms, consumers still come across a few issues when they are shopping online. There are three main improvements you can make to your ecommerce website to improve your customers experience:

•Better consumer service. The main disadvantage of the online shopping experience is that consumers cannot touch or physically see the product they are about to purchase. As a result, they may have questions to ask about the products specifications. If you do not have virtual assistance or the resources to answer emails immediately on your ecommerce site, you can expect to lose potential customers as a result of poor customer service.

•Better delivery service. If you promise to send your products to the customer in a certain time, you must deliver on these expectations. If your customer doesn’t get their products on time, or they are damaged on arrival, this can have a negative impact on your future sales.

•Quicker response to queries. People shopping online want everything to go fast and smoothly. If consumers choose this way of shopping, that means they are expecting an efficient and quick service. If you cannot respond to queries, you may lose potential sales.

How Can Store Express Improve The Consumer’s Experience On Your Website?

Whether you are in the market for a new ecommerce solution for your start-up business, or looking to switch to a new platform, Store Express has a website for you. Creating high conversion ecommerce solutions, they can help improve your customer satisfaction.

The services available from Store Express include:

•Ecommerce websites

•Multichannel solutions

•Ecommerce software

•Website design

With a ‘ready-to-use’ Store Express ecommerce website, you do not have to be a web genius. Designed to make managing your online business easy, it has everything you’ll ever need. Complete with a fully integrated Content Management System (CMS), the Store Express solution can help you make a success of your ecommerce store. The management system, allows you to focus on improving your customer service and fulfilment, thus improving customer satisfaction rates.

To help you sell more online, you can integrate your Store Express ecommerce website with marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. Allowing you to monitor and manage all your sales through one central location, it will make your business management more efficient.

If you want to provide your customers with the best online experience – feel free to contact us for further consultation about our ecommerce websites. Please write us an email: or call: 0845 050 3500 to find out what is the best solution for your business.

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