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Conversion rate is one of the most important factors to an ecommerce retailer. The conversion rate is a measure of the number of potential customers, which then go on to buy. Usually given as a percentage, the conversion rate for a site which receives 100 views and 1 purchase would be 1%.

The conversion rate on your website is linked, but not limited to, the number of visits your website receives. Your website may have high traffic, but this does not necessarily mean you have a high conversion rate. In this blog, we look at what you can do to improve your conversion rate.

How Can You Improve Your Conversion Rate?

Are you focusing on increasing the number of visitors to your site but seeing no financial return? Why spend valuable time getting twice as many visitors, when you can double the number of sales instead? Here are a few simple steps you can take to improve your ecommerce website’s conversion rate.

  • User Friendly – Nobody is going to want to shop at an online store that is difficult to use. By making your site user friendly you can improve your conversion rate. Make your site accessible, use large icons and buttons for navigation, provide menus and search bars. Take to our specialists about best practice design.
  • Create A Professional Image – When designing or updating an ecommerce website, you will want to make your business look as professional and as trustworthy as possible. Include contact information – i.e. an address, an email address and phone number, in an easy to find place. Display any certificates or accolades your business or website may have been awarded. It’s up to you how you do this, but by presenting yourself as an authoritative voice you can increase customer confidence in your business.
  • Include Case Studies and Testimonials – People love feedback. Including positive testimonials and case studies on your ecommerce website demonstrates how your company provides excellent service that comes recommended by previous customers. Websites that include case studies, for example, have noticed an almost 14% increase in conversion rates.
  • Great Content – Even the most well designed websites can be lacking in quality content. Don’t let this happen on your ecommerce website. By providing a constant stream of quality content, you can promote your business as extremely knowledgeable in your chosen field. Blogs and articles can be an excellent way to provide more information on the products you sell – this is great for SEO! Remember to keep your product descriptions simple but informative.
  • Payment Options – Including a wealth of payment options on your site can help improve conversion rates. For example, not everyone is comfortable using their credit card online, so offer PayPal and other online payment methods. From April 29th, shoppers in the UK will be able to transfer money and buy products via mobile phone numbers using a new service called Paym (pronounced Pay me). Offering more ways to pay will help improve your conversion rate.

Store Express Can Help Improve You Conversion Rate.

Based near Reading in the UK, Store Express is an ecommerce website design company with over 15 years of experience. As such, we can offer you the best advice about how to increase you converting your traffic into sales.

Call today on 0845 050 3000 or send us an email at today to learn how we can design you a high converting ecommerce website.

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