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Digital marketing and ecommerce websites need to go hand in hand. Nowadays, people are not only interested in brands but also in the products these brands make. Social networks such as Pinterest and Tumblr are becoming more and more about interests rather than people. That’s why clever retailers will continue to use these social networks as great advertising platforms. Do you want to know more about ways to make your ecommerce website more appealing?

Make Your Ecommerce Website Connect With More Customers

Digital marketing provides great opportunities for brands to connect with more customers. However, it is rare for ecommerce website owners to realise the potential in digital marketing and look for ways to expand their customer base. So how can you make your e-commerce website and social media channels join forces to make your website even more popular?

• Utilising the visual aspect of your ecommerce webpage. Bringing a high quality visual aspect to your ecommerce website is important. Users want to see what they are buying and be entertained. So how can social media benefit you? If, for example, you use Pinterest to advertise your products, you can see what users “pin”. Based on those pins you can choose products to advertise at the top of your ecommerce website.

• Getting more traffic. Social networks such as Pinterest generate more traffic compared to search engines. This is because the search on social networks is so specific. If someone sees a purse and thinks it is great, shares it with their friends, and then comments, people are bound to be drawn to that product and buy it.

• Keeping customers on your ecommerce page. User generated content makes other users want to stay on the page longer. People trust what other people have to say about your products. This ultimately leads to purchasing. You can also add hash tags or encourage sharing in other ways, such as a contest where users can upload photos of your items for a prize. Be creative and most importantly engaging.

• Maybe it’s time for video? Videos play a huge role in digital marketing. Your ecommerce website’s conversion rates might increase once customers see videos of your product. Remember, people want to see what they are buying. Videos show that you care about your customers.

Take Your Ecommerce Website To The Next level With Store Express

Store Express are a team of experts who are passionate about creating visually appealing website designs. The team can make sure that your ecommerce pages are not only ranked high, but convert visitors into buyers through creative design. The above mentioned tips are only the tip of the iceberg on how you could implement digital marketing into your ecommerce website. 

The money you spend on search engine optimisation and website design will come back to you ten or even one hundred times. You will see your traffic increasing. However, the best indication is sales results.

Don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity to increase your revenue, engage with customers, create better brand recognition and connect with your customers.

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