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According to statistics 72% of people in the UK own a smart phone and 50% of them use their phone for mcommerce. This means that your business could benefit significantly if you develop a mobile ecommerce site that attracts mobile customers.

How Can You Improve Your Mobile Ecommerce?

The development of smart phones and tablets mean shoppers no longer wait to get home to make purchases, they can shop on the go! This also means consumers are on the lookout for quick and easy ways to buy, and are favouring the sites that are providing efficient mcommerce.

Here are some tips to improve your Mobile commerce site:

  • Think – Your mcommerce site does not necessarily have to be a scaled down version or identical to your online website. Your mobile site may not need all of the features and content that is provided on the web as users are looking for a smooth and quick experience.
  • Provide easy access – When a purchase is being made, at some stage the customer will need to sign in, register and/or enter payment details. Make sure your layout and form works efficiently and your customers don’t become frustrated by added complications that do not occur when using a computer e.g. field labels that are aligned badly.
  • Think SEO – Google have published their own recommendations and most common configuration mistakes to ensure all mobile sites “experience the full richness of the web” Avoid faulty redirects and smart-phone only errors in order to improve and/or sustain your rankings.
  • Social Media – 1 in 4 people in the UK update a social networking site via their smart phone daily which means it can be a natural transition to follow your posts to your mobile ecommerce site. Avoid frustrating social media users by ensuring your posts link to your mobile commerce site and get the benefits of mobile social networking.
  • Think fast – With mcommerce, it is all about speed so do not over load your site. If your mobile commerce site is slow to load you will lose valuable potential customers who are after a quick purchase.

Improve Your Mcommerce With Store Express

At Store Express we provide complete ecommerce solution for your business and can also provide effective solutions for your mobile ecommerce site. We can design your mobile website and optimise it so you get the most from your site.

We understand what your customers are looking for and our website designs will fully optimise your mobile site as well as increase your load speeds, which will effectively decrease your bounce rate and get your mobile site off to a flying start!

Speak to us today to find out how we can help improve your mcommerce site further! Call: 0845 050 3500 or Email:


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