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Consumers Are Becoming Less Satisfied With Ecommerce Websites

In this day and age, it is no surprise that more and more people are switching to the Internet to do their shopping – with an increasing number of portable devices, such as laptops, tablets and smart phones, and always-on broadband and Wi-Fi access, it’s possible to be online 24/7.

With the rise of online shopping, reaching your target audience has never been easier. However, the major question now is how to improve the consumer experience on your ecommerce website to turn visitors into regular shoppers.

According to a consumer satisfaction survey* taken in 2012, 36% of respondents claimed that they are shopping online more often than they were a year ago. However, the percentage of the overall consumers’ satisfaction had decreased from 63% to 58%. This number shows that online shop owners need to improve their online business strategy if they want to gain new consumers and keep their old ones.

Four Tips For Increasing The Shopping Experience On Your Ecommerce Website

The same survey revealed that 92% of people see ecommerce website navigation as the vital feature when choosing the best online seller. In addition, 89% of respondents ranked the advanced search as a very important feature.

Although these two factors are indisputably essential for providing consumers with their desired shopping experience, they alone are not enough to stay ahead of the competition. Here are several ways that businesses owners can improve their ecommerce websites to enhance the customer experience:

  • Think personal. If your business is still quite small and the purchasing level isn’t extremely high, do something special for each consumer. For instance, a hand-written message attached to the product is a noticeable and cost efficient way to show consumers how much you care about them. It’s a very small gesture but has outstanding power for enhancing your brand image.

  • Be creative. When it comes to packaging, most sellers choose ordinary boxes that are easy to ship and don’t cost a fortune. However, investing in special branded packaging is worth the money if you want to be memorable among your customers.

  • Admit your mistakes. If something went wrong and your customer is not satisfied with their product, all is not lost. Admitting to and apologizing for your failure will help to rebuild your customers trust in you. Extra production and a personal handwritten apology is a great solution to improve the customers’ opinion about your ecommerce business.

  • Group your consumers. Grouping your consumers will allow you to indentify which of them offer more value to the business. This gives you the opportunity to build closer relationships with valuable customers by offering them exclusive extras, such as free shipping or free samples of your production. However, forgetting your other clients is not acceptable and you should make sure all your customers feel appreciated.

To sum up, in order to build a positive reputation and solid customer base, ecommerce businesses should become more user friendly. This means businesses need to pay close attention not only to the technical side, like the website navigation but also to the building of close and personalised relationships with consumers.

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