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One of the best ways to promote your company and its products is through word of mouth. This means letting customers have the option to leave an ecommerce review that lets them talk about their user experience and the quality of the product they have brought. 
7 ways To Get More Ecommerce Reviews On Your Site
There are numerous ways that you can get customers to leave reviews on your website:
1.    Ensure That Customer Reviews Are Easy To See - a lot of companies have an ecommerce review section for each of their products. This means that if a customer clicks on that product, not only will they be able to find information about it, but also what others who brought the product thought of it. This will increase the likelihood of the customer purchasing this item. If they are still on the fence about buying after reading the product description they might be more inclined to buy it if other customers are saying how great the item was and how it did exactly what they wanted.
2.    Sign Up On Review Sites - If you join a review site where most of your customers are they are more likely to write a review about your company on that site.
3.    Send A Request Review - Don’t bombard your customers with emails demanding them to leave an ecommerce review. Send them an email asking what they thought of the product instead and to let others know what their feelings. This will increase the chances of them deciding to write a review.
4.    Include Reviewer Information - Make sure that you first ask the customer before you add their name. If you include this information it will add credibility to the ecommerce review.
5.    Don’t Hide Negative Reviews - Some companies try to hide negative reviews, make sure you are not one of them. You need to make your website genuine if you want more customers going to your website and leaving reviews. If you show bad reviews as well as the good reviews customers will find more credibility for your site.  
6.    Respond To Good Reviews – Write something along the lines of: “Thank you for your feedback. I am pleased to hear you liked the product.” This will tell the customer that you appreciated their thoughts and that they liked your products or services.
7.    Respond To Bad Reviews - This does not mean that you should get into an argument with the customer or belittle them. Simply offer good customer service; say that you are sorry to hear that they had problems with your product and you’ll take their comments on board and see what you can do to correct the problem. This will make the customer prefer coming on your website because even if the product failed them, your customer service didn’t, which means that they will be more inclined to try your website again.
Want To Include Ecommerce Reviews On Your Website?
Giving the customers the option to include an ecommerce review is beneficial in many ways. It will improve click through rates, conversions and ultimately sales. Ecommerce reviews also have important search engine optimisation benefits.
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