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We should 'embrace the fact that the web doesn't have the same constraints' as it used to, says web developer and designer Ethan Marcotte in his article 'Responsive Web Design' for A List Apart design magazine (2010). Responsive ecommerce isn't just another internet fad, it's the future of web design and a sure-fire way to bring you results. But what is it exactly and how can it help my SEO campaign?

How SEO And Responsive Ecommerce Work Together

The concept of Responsive web design is that it blends CSS, CSS3 and JavaScript to create fluid site designs that are flexible. They can expand, contract, rearrange or remove content based upon the user's screen size and device. As such it is 10 steps ahead of a separate mobile and desktop ecommerce website. With responsive ecommerce, we all have the power now to create an effortless user experience which is streamlined so that it can be used across all internet devices.

Instead of developing different and expensive domains for devices with different screen sizes and capabilities, responsive ecommerce effectively enables customers to interact with a brand on any device they want with ease. Customers now expect to have the same quality of user experience no matter what device they're using.

More importantly, it dissipates the need to spend a lot of time and money developing different designs for different devices. So instead of a user struggling to read disoriented pages on their mobile, responsive design will improve navigation and appearance no matter what device is being used. And where usability improves, decreased bounce rates and increased conversions are usually not far behind.

Another fantastic benefit to responsive ecommerce is that SEO efforts across all domains can be combined and managed together. It can be a constant struggle to keep up SEO campaigns on all domains designed for specific devices. Responsive web design enables business-owners to merge all SEO hard work to create one super effective and natural search optimised website.

Redirect links to a different domain to suit a particular device can also be irritating and time-consuming for a customer, and they're likely to leave altogether if a business doesn't have any domain which is compatible with their device. Complex and expensive design and SEO efforts needn't be an issue with responsive website design, so don't be the one to play catch-up with your competitors, and invest in a responsive website design today.

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