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Niche ecommerce websites are often pushed out of the game by bigger and more powerful competitors. This means smaller ecommerce shops have to fight with retail giants for their existence in the online world. Most of the time these giants are Ebay and Amazon.

These giants have the resources to advertise with aggressive marketing, provide the option of speedy delivery, and they have a budget for search engine optimisation. If you also add Google’s favours into the mix, it is clear that there are many advantages for retail giants in ecommerce. However, the fight for a higher position in search engine result pages is not lost yet – you too can have a competitive edge. Ecommerce website design is one of the ways to get noticed by a larger audience.

Niche E-Commerce Website Design Advantages

As a smaller business, you will compete with the giants if you are more focused on selling niche, specific items that will help you to stay competitive. Certain ecommerce web design solutions, such as the layout of the site or a more refined search function, will also influence your status in the fierce online market.

The factors we have collected below affect the success of your marketing campaign.

• Don’t forget to use your URL in your marketing campaigns. Add your URL in online ads to give your site more prominence.

• Connect with your audience. E-retail giants cannot beat honest and personalised communication with the customers. Your ecommerce website design can be personalised to match the expectations of your target audience.

• Create a consistent image on your social media accounts and your blog. Focusing on the same message across all channels is your main weapon in the fight for a good position on SERP.

Before you set out to have your ecommerce web design changed, think about what you want to achieve. In order to succeed in the fierce market, you need to stand out from the crowd with your design and website functionality. The key points that you need to consider are your conversion rate and search engine ranking. It is true that your design has a strong influence on your search engine optimisation and your ranking. At least this is what our experience of designing with SEO in mind for over 15 years implies, so make sure you use this knowledge.

Get High Conversion Ecommerce Web Design

Capture the attention of your audience with an elegant, functional design for your ecommerce website. If you gain their trust and confidence you can drive your users to conversion. If you want an effective ecommerce web design solution, choose Store Express. Years of testing a variety of designs, layouts, and conversion techniques with help foster and grow your niche e-retail business.

Have a website designed with our team to effectively compete against Amazon and Ebay.
With our tailor-made web design solutions we always take into consideration the most vital aspects of SEO, content, incoming links, layout and many other factors to help your e-business gain recognition and a higher conversion rate.

Contact our team for more information on effective e-commerce website design solutions and find out the best solution for your niche website. Call now on 0845 050 3500 or email

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