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The landscape of how people browse online has changed dramatically in just a few years. With younger generations simply expecting speedy, all-powerful websites anywhere they go, and our parents (perhaps even grandparents) realising the straightforwardness of even the cheapest technology now, it’s time you embraced responsive ecommerce and reached an ever-increasing market with a high-performing and quality website.

Why Is Responsive Ecommerce The Key To The Future


Alternative devices to the desktop computer or laptop are continually growing, and because many products are available in multiple sizes too, creating separate domains to fit all of these is simply unfeasible and expensive. A responsive ecommerce website ultimately adapts and alters its appearance and layout to suit any device. If you’re one of the few people who are only using their laptop, computer and phone to access the internet then you’re missing out. There are many Wi-Fi integrated products on the market - some of them are wacky, but they all hint of a future where anything can be turned into an internet device.

A responsive site is less time-consuming to update and will be cost-effective in the long run too. It’s also important to see the value in the instant gratification that is received from accessing a responsive ecommerce site from a portable device. Instead of waiting to get home to boot up a computer or laptop, consumers are accessing websites from their mobile devices on the move.

Social media is another reason responsive web design is the way to go. According to Pew Research, ‘as of January 2014, 74% of online adults use social networking sites.’ This means that if you post article and blog links that go to your ecommerce site on Facebook, Twitter or another social networking site to promote your business (which you should), and more and more users are opting to log on to their accounts via apps on their phone or kindle, your main site needs to be mobile-and-kindle-friendly to accommodate them. If not, many will leave your site and visit another instead – which is bad news for your conversion rates.

The Verdict

We’re not psychic; we don’t know what devices will be available in the future - but make a site which is responsive to all devices and you’re onto a winner. You should be embracing the world of responsive ecommerce with open arms!

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