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Expand Your Ecommerce Website’s Reach with Multi-Channel Ecommerce Solutions

Many bricks and mortar businesses take their first step towards multi-channel ecommerce by selling online, and usually having a complementary ecommerce website is enough to continue their growth and success. This is particularly true for big brands like Next. In the first six months of 2012 their online sales through Next Directory increased by 13.3%, whilst their physical store sales only rose by 0.2%.

On the other hand for businesses that operate solely online, particularly SMEs, it can be a significantly difficult trying to grow your business from just one ecommerce website. Therefore in this case, multi-channel ecommerce are great ecommerce solutions that allow you to reach a wide market of potential customers through multiple online market places at the same time.

Store Express Marketplace Ecommerce Solution

Marketplaces like eBay and Amazon are perfect examples of online marketplaces that are commonly used around the world. However, establishing your presence in multiple ecommerce channels is not enough to develop and achieve online success. If you do not streamline the processes involved in managing online sales through various locations it can create more difficulties and incur more costs for your business.

To avoid this it’s worth investing in the professional services of an expert ecommerce solutions provider like Store Express. They have developed a range of ecommerce services dedicated specifically for multi-channel ecommerce which allows you to manage all your stock, orders and customer information from one single integrated interface.

It saves vital time in accessing and managing different ecommerce platforms. Furthermore, as your business develops you can add additional functions and features to your ecommerce solutions which make running your business all the more easier.

Every step of the purchasing process from visiting and navigating your website to completing a purchase online and establishing the delivery terms can be managed from the Store Express multi-channel ecommerce platform.

To learn more about what online channels you can use and how they can be integrated into your business, call Store Express now on 0845 050 3500 or Email:

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