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The Importance Of Having A Ecommerce Website Built For The Multi-Screen World

In today’s digital age, online shoppers use several devices to browse, order, and buy online.  This calls for businesses to develop ecommerce websites that are ready for the multi-screen revolution. Getting adapted for this change will help you to target a wider audience and not miss out on potential customers. Following the dos and don’ts listed below will help your ecommerce business to respond to the changes in the retail landscape.


• Informative and useful mobile or TV apps must be incorporated into ecommerce websites. This will help customers know more about products and find them easily.

• A responsive web design is a must or visitors will leave your site for your competitors’. No matter what device customers use, websites should automatically accommodate for resolution, image size, scripting abilities, etc.

• Content and images must be optimised to ensure fast download times. Studies revealed that about 15% of mobile users will leave a site if it doesn’t load in 5 seconds.

• Incorporating mapping tools into ecommerce websites will help you to find out information about customers. This will help with the overall marketing of your business.

• Make sure content is compelling, informative, engaging and helpful.


• Even though ecommerce websites need to offer speed or ease of use, do not hide content. Doing so will disappoint people who use multiple devices to shop. It can even make customers lose trust in you.

• Never use various domains for various versions of websites. This will negatively affect your search engine rankings as well as your brand.

• Try to not use pop-ups. If it cannot be avoided, then use a responsive ecommerce website design. This will convert the pop-up to a banner on devices like smartphones or tablets.

• Make sure that all videos on your website are well-optimised so that they play well and aren’t frustrating for customers.

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