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Another milestone has been reached in the ecommerce realm. Data from eMarketer has revealed that worldwide sales in 2012 reached an astonishing $1 trillion. Furthermore, it is expected that ecommerce website sales this year will grow to $1.3 trillion.

Ecommerce Sales Big In Asia And North America

Worldwide sales increased year on year by 21.1%, mostly attributed to the North American region. However it is now expected that North America will lose their number one position as the leading ecommerce market to the Asia Pacific region. Over the past year these two regions have been almost neck and neck in the share of spending on ecommerce websites.

In 2012 Asia Pacific had a share of 30.5%, with North America at 33.5%. This year eMarketer predicts that Asia Pacific will have 33.4% of spending, surpassing North America at 31.5%.

Looking more in depth at B2C ecommerce sales, the following countries have been identified as having the top 5 sales. (figures in billions)

1. United States (2012 = $343.43, predicted 2013 = $384.80)

2. China (2012 = $110.04, predicted 2013 = $181.62)

3. United Kingdom (2012 = $124.76, predicted 2013 = $141.53)

4. Japan (2012 = $127.82, predicted 2013 = $140.35)

5. Germany (2012 = $47.00, predicted 2013 = $53.00)

It is unsurprising that Asia Pacific is expected to see more sales on ecommerce websites as China alone has the largest amount of people engaging in online shopping. The country has a population of almost 1.5 billion, and in 2012 nearly 220 million of them engaged in online shopping. This figure is only set to grow as more developments in ecommerce and internet penetration make it more appealing to people across the world.

Reach New International Markets With Professional Ecommerce Solutions

In order to make the most of this great growth in online shopping, businesses need to ensure their ecommerce website solution is up to par. To have a weaker website than your competitor means sacrificing great potential sales.

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