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Banking just got a whole lot easier with the introduction of a mobile banking app from one of the UK’s high street banks. Customers can now easily and securely transfer money using their mobiles. The app know as Barclays Pingit allows users to send as well as receive money from anyone anywhere in the UK. All that is required is that they have a current account and a mobile phone number, best of all no bank details needed!


What does this have to do with my ecommerce store?

A good question but this just proves how times are progressing, many things thought impossible 3 years ago are now becoming the norm and soon many tasks such as shopping and browsing the web will be done by mobile devices. So it maybe worth thinking about pulling your ecommerce solution out of the dark ages and get yourself a new shiny mobile ecommerce store! The benefits vastly outweigh any negatives as mobile websites are simple to create, easy to update and best of all reach a huge number of customers who want to browse online.


What can a mobile ecommerce store do?

In a nutshell anything you want it to do, you can have a very basic mobile version of your ecommerce store with simple contact details, location mapping and simple information on products. Alternatively you can have full-blown mobile ecommerce stores with interactive elements and buying features. Anyone of these will give a dramatic increase to your customer retention and new customer collection. Remember if you want the customer to access your full site a simple ‘view full site’ link can be added to they can if they wish!


Why cant I just use my existing ecommerce store?

Mobile ecommerce solutions exist for many different reasons, firstly many mobile users have tariffs on their data per monthly transfer so large ecommerce stores will use a lot of that data up, not ideal. Secondly a desktop website is designed primarily for desktops and laptops, things with mice and keyboards, often these mobile devices are touch screen to thumbs and fingers will be used to navigate. Finally it gives you a chance to really define your company and boil down to what is really important data and what is not, this can often have positive reflections on your full site.


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