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There are now only 63 days left until Christmas. While the high street has seen a decline in festive sales in recent years ecommerce has enjoyed a positive boom. Christmas is the time of year that internet users are the most active. The highest search volumes are reported around the Christmas season. October 15th sees the first peak in online search requests, as people are beginning to research present ideas. Then in mid- November there is an increase in requests, which continues then right up to the week before Christmas. There is a slight dip between Christmas and New Year and then the sales shopping starts with a vengeance! So the opportunities are still there in January for those in online marketing.

Christmas is an extraordinary time for ecommerce

For those who want to sell more online, the Christmas period is an extraordinary opportunity. Interestingly, during the holiday season, when people are so busy and on the move, online mobile search requests exceed desktop search requests. If you are looking to sell more online it is worth reviewing your plans for mobile marketing.

Profit from ecommerce intelligence

If you understand what your customers are searching for and when, you can tailor your ecommerce solutions and promotions to cater to these searches. For example, you can customise your advertising to attract those last minute shoppers who are searching online on Christmas Eve. For more information and advice on how to maximise profits from your ecommerce website please email us at or contact us on 0845 050 3500.

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