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In recent years we have seen an increase in the amount of business’s migrating online. This is not just small to medium size retailers but also retail giants including the likes of John Lewis.

Why has the recession forced businesses to look for ecommerce solutions?

The current economic climate has left retailers with a decrease in sales and increasing running costs. This has forced them to seek alternative methods of selling products. Many retailers have chosen to either migrate online through an ecommerce solution or use platforms such as eBay or Amazon to reach customers.

Retailers have the option of having a brochure site which will display products but all enquiries will need to be taken by phone and staffing will need to be increased, or a ecommerce solution which will help you control stock levels, reduce staffing costs and even allow you to integrate with eBay, Amazon and Play to reach the largest audience possible.

The benefits of an ecommerce solution

As running costs continue to rise the benefits of a ecommerce solution become more prominent. Not only are you able to reach a large audience of potential buyers but you also have the ability to sell worldwide and therefore take the business international. There are low staffing costs, you can sell from your premises and the most important increase your sales. In recent studies it has shown that the trend of online shopping is continuously rising as customers are often restricted in time and believe that the convenience of having goods delivered to their door is far more inviting than a stressful shopping trip.

If you are interested in increasing your sales, reducing running costs and simplifying selling on multiple platforms find out more benefits by speaking to one of our ecommerce experts on 0845 838 2700.

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