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As promised here is part two looking at your customer service you provide via your ecommerce solutions. If you haven’t read the first part I strongly suggest it, if you have, welcome back! As outlined in the last blog if you don’t have top-notch customer service then everything else, Marketing, SEO and Design will all be worthless. After all it makes sense because satisfied customers will visit over and over as they know that if there is a problem, you’ve got their back.


Further improvements for your ecommerce store.

Below are a list of more simple improvements you can make to ensure your ecommerce store keeps your customers happy! As previously said, these may cost some initial money to get going, but in retrospect as to how much it would cost combating bad reviews and clearing your brands name, these are relatively cheap.


  • FAQ page – Its worth spending the time creating a detailed, useful, easy to navigate FAQ page. The advantage being that this is where customers with simple questions can find their answers. With them out of the way you can pay more attention to those customers with specific questions who desperately need your help.
  • Emailing – Make sure to make your ecommerce store contact details obvious, don’t hide them away as this can really annoy customers. For customers who want to send you specific questions make it easy to do so and use a simple email address such as Remember to save and keep these questions as if there is a particular question that keeps being emailed to you it is worth putting it on your FAQ page.
  • Quick responses – Respond as quickly as you can to any email sent to you, the fast you do this the more happy that customer will be. Sounds simple but a lot of website can take longer than 4 days to respond and this can often annoy customers and usually the question they have asked is simple and the answer will be the difference between a sale or not.
  • Personalise Email responses – Very important you address the person you are emailing to, none of this dear sir/madam or dear customer rubbish, its not personal and makes the customer feel insignificant. Making the customer feel special is a great skill to use, even simple things like using their name or username can make a big difference. Another few good examples is sending them birthday or anniversary emails (when they joined your store) or letting them know about deals on products they may be interested in.
  • Feedback – Finally getting feedback, asking your customers how you can improve your ecommerce store is so useful. Short surveys are ideal, nothing to long or more than one page of A4 or they will get bored. Remember just the act of asking is enough to make the customer feel like your care what they think and are listening to them. Even if you don’t act on what they say it still makes them feel needed and valued as a customer. If you do act on what they say that’s even better!


This concludes part 2 of this blog on ecommerce online customer service, remember you don’t need to spend a fortune, even if you just use some of the simple things covered in the blog you are on the road to better customer service and over all a better store.


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