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If you’re an ecommerce store chances are you will be selling products to customers and clients. Call to actions influence they way in which people shop and interact with your website and if not executed correctly you could be missing out on potential sales! This blog will hopefully aid you and insure that you think about every banner, basket placement and buy now button in future versions of your ecommerce solutions. After all, the slightest change can make a big difference in sales. For those who are not sure what a “call to action” button is I shall explain. They are simply devices used in website design, e.g. buttons and text that instil confidence and help the customer along with their order. For example a simple “Buy” button is a call to action as it asks the customer to click here to buy. Simple!


Ecommerce call to action top tips

  • Wording – Probably one of the most important aspects of any Call to Action is the words you use. If it isn’t clear or doesn’t sell itself a customer will either ignore it or wont feel confident enough to click it. Remember “call to actions” are there to help the customer to make the decision and buy and to also tempt them. The easiest way to temp a customer to click the call to action is to add some urgency that is related to the product and purchasing it. Things like how much it was, or sales, limited time offers are all great ways to tip the customers over the edge and buy.
  • Size & Positioning – If your call to action is small and tucked away at the bottom of the product page or banner where no-one can find surprisingly enough it wont get sales. Make the buttons dominant, large and obvious to the client so once they are done looking at the product they know exactly where to click to buy the product. Remember not to dwarf your products information an images with a massive “BUY NOW” button, you want it to be obvious, not in your face. You also need to be aware that many people expect the “add to basket” button to be near the price to this is often the best place to position your call to actions.
  • Space and multiple call to actions – If for any reason you require multiple call to actions to be situated near one another it is important to firstly work out the hierarchy of the call to actions. Whichever is more important make stand out more and dominate the other. You must also make sure to give your call to actions some room to breath. Lots of space around it makes it stand out more and keeps it from being lost amoung images and text.

      Test your ecommerce call to actions

      Even if you have done everything here make sure to test your ecommerce store you’re your newly made changes to your call to actions. Test different variations out as depending on your type of customers different changes will prove more successful that others.

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