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We can no longer rely on customers visiting our physical stores due to the constantly expanding online presence of millions of brands. Why leave the comfort of your own home or office when you can simply visit a website and order anything you need? More and more customers worldwide are using their smart phones and tablets in order to complete their purchases. Will retailers be able to keep up?

 The Growing Need For Mobile Websites

Recent research by Mastek has revealed that some of the top online retailers fail to engage with mobile customers. The results have revealed that over 22% of online retailers do not offer well-optimised mobile websites or apps for smart phones. Only 28% of e-tailers have developed more than one mobile app and only 20% have developed loyalty applications that offer smart phone-users various discounts.

While 95% of people who own online businesses rely on transactional websites, a surprising 75% of mobile apps do not accept customer orders. This means that you could be losing business due to a poorly-designed mobile website.

As the usage of smart phones continues to grow, the mobile market expands. Online retailers should acknowledge the opportunities for expanding their business, and then develop new marketing strategies that appeal to mobile users. According to the estimated numbers, there are about 62.5 million mobile phones in the UK alone, which makes up about 85% of the entire population. You could be missing out on a huge amount of potential customers if you do not have an appealing and well-functioning mobile website.

You need to create an ideal shopping experience that meets customer needs. Store Express can help you to create an engaging mobile website design.

Engaging Mobile Websites From Store Express

A mobile website that is functional, appealing and cohesive with your brand will help you to engage with more customers, increase your sales and your online presence. If you are new to selling online, or want to reinvent your mobile website, Store Express will exceed your expectations.

What are the 5 greatest benefits of having a mobile website?

  • It will increase your conversion rate.
  • An increased loading speed on your mobile website will lower your bounce rate.
  • A mobile website ensures that your page will load correctly on any mobile device.
  • Visitors using mobile devices have different needs compared to desktop users; an optimised mobile website can meet those needs.
  • You will gain a competitive advantage and stand out from your competition.

These are only a few of the benefits that a mobile website can offer you. They are also a lot cheaper to develop and more cost-effective compared to mobile applications.

Take advantage of the tailor made solutions by Store Express and you will not be disappointed.

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