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Drop down menus:

Drop down menus are excellent features and play a major role in cleaning up a busy layout. When structured appropriately, they serve as great navigational tools, while still being a usable and attractive design feature. Drop down menus are nothing but panels that appear temporarily and disappear on their own when the user moves the pointer to another location.

Drop down menus make navigating a site extremely simple. They also eliminate the need for site maps, since the navigation system itself acts just as effectively as site maps. These features help with breaking down your websites pages in such a way that it’s easy for your visitors to find what they want and it reduces the amount of links to display. Visitors can quickly view all links from a single location and overall experience an enhanced and improved user experience, which means there are more chances for your visitors to convert into customers. This also increases the likelihood of your visitors returning to your site again in future.

While there are so many benefits with using drop down menus within your ecommerce solution, there are also potential hazards to consider if they are structured inappropriately. A smart decision will be to seek expert advice from Store Express.

Store Express designs:

The Store Express team has a great wealth of knowledge and experience in ecommerce solutions and can utilise it to create effective drop down menus for your website. We will create fully featured cross browser drop down menus. Our designs will be both search engine friendly as well as human friendly. The drop down menus will also be built in such a way that they appear rapidly, stay in place while your user’s pointer is hovering over the top and disappears when the pointer is moved away.

For drop down menus built with best ecommerce solutions contact Store Express at Building 4 Millars Brook ,Molly Millars Lane, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG41 2AD Telephone: 0845 050 2500 Fax: 0845 838 2701 Email:

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