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It’s no secret that the online shopping industry has boomed over the past few years and thousands of new ecommerce businesses have been trying to capitalise on this market. When an online store has a great product that is visible and attracts the right potential customers, provided their website looks and performs effectively, the business can enjoy great success. However for every store that succeeds, there are many that fail to make a significant impact in their industry. Competition is stiff and the support of an ecommerce solution company could make the difference between great achievements and failure.

International purchasing made available by ecommerce solutions

The internet breaks down international barriers so now; it is easier to purchase items from a foreign company. In turn this gives businesses access to a wider pool of customers and sales. Of all the countries and economies that have tapped into the ecommerce market, the 2012 Retail eCommerce Index revealed China has the greatest ecommerce potential out of all developing markets.

Their online retail market is currently worth £23bn, coming in second to the US which is part of the developed market. The ecommerce market in China is expected to grow by 29% each year for the next five years. Some experts have stated however, that China has yet to reach its full ecommerce potential as some of their infrastructures still need developing.

Ecommerce Solutions to Achieve the Keys to Success

Within the eCommerce Index report, four key success factors were identified for online stores entering emerging markets. They included developing a customised value proposition and managing customer experience. Both of these involve great investment in optimising your ecommerce store. It can be a difficult task to pull off effectively on your own which is why it’s usually best to enlist the help of a reputable ecommerce solution provider.

Store Express provide a tailor made ecommerce solution service to online retailers who need to revamp their website and optimise the way it functions, so you can effectively manage and track your sales.

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