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There is much debate surrounding whether it is better for your ecommerce business to have a hosted or open source platform. It is important to choose the right a platform that suits your business requirements as this will essentially enhance your success.
Choosing between an open sourced or hosted Ecommerce software solution is made easy with Store Express. We are dedicated to bringing you online success and use our knowledge and expertise to build you the ideal platform for your business. 

What Are The Advantages To Having A Hosted Platform?

There are pros and cons when using either open sourced or hosted software depending on your business. Normally, opened sourced platforms are for large companies with even larger budgets and their own team of specialists. If you are not fortunate enough to have this at hand then hosted software is the best option for you.
Five advantages to a hosted ecommerce platform are:
  1. Convenience: Using a host will save you time as the set up is often very simple and easy to implement. You will not need background knowledge in ecommerce software and usually all is required from you is a broadband connection.  The overall maintenance is reasonable too; often log in details are provided for you and you can sign in any time that suits you.   
  2. Low Cost: Set up costs are significantly lower than a self hosted site and the running cost are specified and clear. Usually, a monthly fee is decided and this will cover the overall running of your platform. Opened sourced ecommerce software is an expensive option which will often incur separate fees, costing your business more in the long run.
  3. Get all the features you need: Your package will offer you a vast selection of features that will benefit your site. The features can be specified for your site and are of a high professional standard. 
  4. Professional help: For any query or problem you may have there is always a specialist on hand to help – usually available by phone and email.
  5. You’re in safe hands: Upgrades and downgrades are performed smoothly and quickly along with bug fixes and new features.
When directly comparing the two it is clear to see that a hosted ecommerce software solution is more cost effective, less time consuming and stressful without compromising on professional standard of your platform.

Ecommerce Software Solutions At Store Express:

We are here to make it easy for you to find the solution that suits your business. We can benefit your company with our experience and up to date knowledge of running a successful ecommerce business.
We are pioneers in understanding your personal requirements and will channel our skills to build you a site that will proudly represent your brand. 
You will be designated an entire team of specialists that will be on hand to assist you at your convenience. This will include an experienced account manager who will operate your site and keep you up to date with its status to ensure your objectives are being met.
To find out more about our services call us now: 0845 050 2500, Fax: 0845 838 2701 or email:
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