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Ecommerce shipping solution:

Shipping is often a nightmare for most ecommerce sellers. In this competitive world of ecommerce, you definitely need an ecommerce solution with a shipping strategy that will win customers. How a business handles the shipping of products can be crucial to its ability to retain and attract new customers. Research has proven that one of the biggest reasons why shoppers don’t complete the final step of purchasing is because they are often dissatisfied with shipping options.

The goal of every ecommerce business is to make more sales and increase revenue. For this, it will definitely make sense to improve shipping offerings to convert site visitors to paying customers as well as repeat customers.

Below are a few tips on how you can go about with it:

• The efficient way to improve your bottom line will be to ship with multiple carriers.

• Most carriers offer free shipping supplies and you can avail these services.

• Shipping with multiple carriers will give you better insight about each of them and which one to choose.

• Using the USPS SCAN form will help you with tracking information for all packages to be recorded in the USPS tracking system and will offer confirmation to your buyers that their packages have entered the mail stream.

• You will need an ecommerce solution that will automatically populate your customer forms with information from your ecommerce system. This will make international shipping easy.

• Use a thermal label printer for your labelling needs, which will expedite the process.

• Process all orders in batches instead of doing it one at a time. This will improve efficiency.

• Choose an integrated shipping solution, which will help with selling on multiple channels as it will consolidate all your orders into a single place and involves no extra work.

If you still need help then turn to Store Express. Our team of ecommerce solution experts can offer you the best shipping strategies to make all your shipping processes simple and fun.

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