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Everybody is familiar with the world-famous Silicon Valley – the technological capital of the world in San Francisco Bay. Not only is it home to some of the world's biggest tech companies, there are thousands of start-up businesses making great strides in a diverse range of technological industries.

When you consider that as much as a third of all venture capital investments in the United States occur in Silicon Valley, it really isn't a surprise that this area is home to some of the most rapidly growing, biggest and best businesses in the world. The area itself is responsible for the employ of more than 250,000 innovators and tech experts.

With such a talented and dedicated workforce in such a small area, it is really no surprise that this area is responsible for the development of such essential modern technologies as the microprocessor, the microcomputer and the silicon-based circuits that gives the area its name.

The UK's Very Own Silicon Valley

Although it has yet to achieve the same levels of renown as the United States' original, the term “Silicon Valley" is currently being thrown around in the UK too. The eastern-most end of the M4 corridor is home to a diverse range of technology companies, and is responsible for the UK's status as a leader indigital marketing. Berkshire in particular is the UK's stand-out area for information technology, with Reading itself being home to some of the biggest names in the world.

Companies like Microsoft, Cisco and Oracle all have major offices in Reading and there are many other tech businesses, including Vodafone and O2 plc, which make their home in nearby areas. Thanks to clever investment and an extremely talented workforce,Reading is already being labelled as the UK's alternative to Silicon Valley,and is responsible for a diverse range of technological advancements.

However, the digital industry that the UK is best known for is our digital marketing and online retail. The websites and solutions created by British businesses are being used all over the world to sell products of all kinds, and our marketing skills are second to none in the digital marketplace.

Reading: The Centre For The UK's Tech Industry

Over the past few years, Reading has grown and it continues to evolve as more and more start-ups and tech businesses find office space in the old city. Reading has been names as the number one place in the UK to find employment, and it's no wonder. With international businesses looking to gain a foothold in the rapidly expanding space, and a highly-qualified workforce, this is one of the best areas for employers and employees to be.

Berkshire itself, thanks to its growing reputation as the UK's Silicon Valley has exhibited consistent growth over the past few years; a growth which doesn't seem to be slowing down. One of the major complaints regarding the technology industry in the UK has been that it isn't actually centralised enough, and there have been some calls for these companies to move to London in order to revitalise the capital with another global industry, but there are far more benefits to staying in Reading than would be available in the capital.

Why Does The Tech Industry Need A Central Location?

The real reason that the US' Silicon Valley has become the source of industry and world-leading technology that it is today is primarily because of the size of its community. All those thousands of innovators and experts are able to work together intimately whenever required on extremely short notice.Industry specialists can make use of the latest technology from a company just up the road and meet with their peers and competitors in order to drive eCommerce innovation whenever they need.

Even going out for a drink at lunchtime can result in fortunate encounters which can completely change the world of technology forever – Steve Jobs knew how powerful these serendipitous encounters are, and he designed all of his offices with these meetings in mind. Steve Jobs' intelligent designs are almost the ideal, in fact, and driving engagement and interaction in the workplace is standard in Reading's tech scene. And it's no wonder; Reading features the highest concentration of tech-innovators in the country.

With the internet's constant range of new features, it was widely believed that there would be an advantage to working from home, but having a cluster of motivated, talented people together can really result in great innovations which would otherwise have been impossible. There's real value in having a centralised area for interaction, where innovators, visionaries and practical problem solvers can bump into each other in the street, or pop around to each others' offices on their lunch break.

Why Is Store Express Located In The UK's Silicon Valley?

There are a diverse range of reasons as to why Store Express is situated in Reading, and why every tech business in the country should consider making the move to this incredible location.

1. The Rate Of Industrial Change – Whatever technological niche your business belongs in, there are no benefits associated with being outside of the UK's booming tech industry. The world of technology is constantly evolving, and no company involved in the digital world can afford to fall behind as it continues to move forwards.

The rate of change for a business involved in the tech industry is much higher than that of any other company. This constant state of change is extremely important in these industries, when the best practices and possibilities of technology need to be adapted on a day-to-day basis.

2. The War For Talent – It is harder and harder for business to attract and retain the very best talent. Modern businesses are required to be more flexible in terms of employment, which opens the door to acceptance of innovation and giving their employees time to experiment with the latest industry best practices.

This is really helping to drive innovation across the digital spectrum, even ifit does involve competing with some of the biggest names in the world for the very best talent.

3. Retail On A Global Scale – Digital and technological sectors are,almost by definition, required to engage with customers on a global scale. This can be a great way to immediately find your target audience and start to make money for your business. However, this can also provide a range of disadvantages to your business, which may need to grow before it is ready to do so.

If your business is surrounded with others that have undergone similar issues with natural growth, then it is much easier to get advice on what to do and follow in the example of those who went before.

4. The Constant Need For Growth – There are very few digital organisations which grow slowly any more. If a company isn't rapidly expanding to meet a new demand, or exploit a niche in the market, then the chances are it will be shrinking.

The major tech businesses, for example, are constantly making headlines as they try to advance modern technology. Google's Driverless Cars and Facebook's free global internet project are prime examples of this.

5. Easy Connection With The Best And Brightest – In this central location, we're a matter of minutes away from some of the brightest minds in the tech world. It is easier than ever for employees and leaders to connect in order to share best practices and bounce new ideas off of one another.

6. Close To The Customers – Although we offer web design and eCommerce development services across the world, a great deal of our customers come from our local area. The eCommerce websites in Reading that we create have helped hundreds of businesses to make the most out of the exciting advantages offered by the internet.

7. Part Of A Community – There are still dozens of fantastic tech companies spread around the country, with high concentrations in London and Manchester. However, until we all work from one centralised location, the digital and tech industries will never be able to complement each other and truly realise their potential.

East London's Tech City: The UK's Silicon Roundabout

London's Tech City was originally designed to be the home for the future of the UK's digital and technological industries in the UK. Situated in the capital, it was a publicly-funded home for the tech innovators of Britain and was hoped to rival the wonderful success of Silicon Valley. Launched In 2010 by David Cameron and George Osborne, Tech City was designed to support the UK's fledgling tech businesses.

A non-profit organisation, Tech City was designed to:

  • Offer advice and support to digital entrepreneurs across the country;
  • Accelerate the progress of the UK's digital industries;
  • Create the ideal conditions for entrepreneurs to imagine, start and grow a digital enterprise;

After Tech City was introduced, the number of digital start ups in the UK did grow impressively, but few of these have actually turned into globally-recognised names in keeping with Silicon Valley's success. Despite the efforts of former Google employee Joanna Shields (hired to run Tech City UK in 2012), few people are looking to London for the future of the digital marketing and technology industries.

Instead, everyone's attention seems to be fixed on Berkshire and, more specifically, the rapidly expanding city of Reading.

Store Express – At The Heart Of The UK's Technology Sector

Here at Store Express, we are extremely proud to work in the same area as many of the technology world's biggest and best names. It has really encouraged our professional team to push the limits of our existing technology and create some of the very best eCommerce websites in Reading for a diverse range of businesses.

We are one of the UK's leading providers of online solutions, and we have worked alongside tech businesses, as well as companies from across the world, to create extremely high performing online retail solutions.

Over the years, the services and products that we can provide has drastically expanded in order to meet the needs of the biggest and best businesses in the UK. For example, we can create completely bespoke eCommerce systems and solutions with our industry-leading technology, ensure practical integration with a range of pre-existing systems and provide high-quality website design for businesses from all industries.

Industry-Leading eCommerce Websites In Reading

Our professional and experienced team are proud to say that we can supply everything that you need in order for your business to succeed online. Whether you're new to the online retail world, or you're looking to reinvigorate your business in 2016, we can help you. Our systems can operate as stand-alone solutions or can be easily integrated into other marketplaces, including, eBay and

You will maintain control of your own content management system,allowing you to dynamically edit products and content as you require – this means that you can keep complete control over your business' online presence.

Bespoke Website Designs To Reflect Your Brand Identity

We have been creating some of the UK's most innovative and brand-focused website designs for more than 15 years. Our team have been a driving force behind the development of modern eCommerce designs, and we understand the importance of the latest technology in your online solution.

We understand how essential it is for businesses to present an accurate view of their brand identity and, without a memorable personality; even the best business can fail. Today, the visuals of a website are extremely important, and it is essential that every online presence offers a mixture of modern design and usability. The Store Express platform can provide that service to businesses from all kinds of industries.

Easy Integration With Third Party Software

There is a range of different software out there which many people use on a regular basis. When it comes to online retail, there are many customers who will not trust a website unless it uses PayPal – here at Store Express, we specialise in integrating PayPal into your site to ensure a smooth and secure transaction on your customer's behalf. We can provide a range of other integrations, including Sage, Amazon and Trust Pilot as well.

The Very Best In Modern eCommerce, From Store Express

Here at Store Express, located in the heart of the UK's Silicon Valley,we are extremely proud to take advantage of the latest in online retail technology and website design to drive engagement and encourage high levels of conversion. Thanks to our location, we can be one of the first to include the latest developments in our eCommerce systems, giving us an almost unfair advantage over our competitors.

If you're looking for a modern, high-converting eCommerce website in Reading or anywhere across the country, don't hesitate to get in touch with our professional team today on 0845 050 3500.Alternatively, you can email any questions or concerns that you might have to use directly at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
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