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E-Commerce websites see a 14% growth year on year


With UK consumers becoming more and more tech-savvy, the amount of money spent on ecommerce websites in March 2012 has risen 14% year on year to a staggering £5.8 billion according to IMRG. The cost efficiencies that come with a well executed online retailing business mean that, in general, products are available cheaper to the consumer when bought online.


It’s common knowledge in the UK that the high street is struggling; large companies like Woolworths and Zavvi are limiting their channel strategy solely to the web in an attempt to reduce costs and retain competitive pricing. Who blames them, with over £2500 being spent online every second in the UK there is a wealth of opportunity with the right ecommerce solutions in place.


Industries that saw a significant increase in revenues in March include the gift sector and the health and beauty sector. Why? If we think about significant dates in March we can see fairly quickly why these sectors saw a substantial boost; 18th March was Mothering Sunday. Where better to purchase a gift then via an ecommerce website.


Finding an ecommerce Solution that Converts


Choosing the right ecommerce solutions can be challenging. It’s essential to remember that ‘value’ does not always mean ‘the cheapest’. The e-retailing industry is constantly evolving and finding the most suitable ecommerce solution for your business warrants a number of factors for consideration.


It’s all well and good having a website that looks nice to the consumer, but we need to look deeper into the skeleton of that website to ensure that it ticks all the right boxes. Is the website designed to be easily recognised by search engines? How easy is it for you to manage the orders that come through the website and update the list of products that are available to your customers?


StoreExpress is an ecommerce solution that allows you to open a successful online shop. Incorporating the design, development and content management systems into one package means you could be up and running within just 14 days. StoreExpress is designed to make the customer journey as efficient as possible. We’ve got years of experience in the industry and understand what converts website traffic into sales.


As the administrator, you will be able to manage sales platforms such as eBay and Amazon Marketplace from within the website’s EMS (Enterprise Management System). The EMS has all the tools you need to manage your orders, from adding voucher codes right through to the printing of order labels.

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