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What Customers Are Looking Out For On Your Ecommerce Websites?

There are millions of ecommerce websites; even the slightest inconvenience can cause visitors to leave your page for your competitors’. Thus, crafting an ecommerce website that will create a positive impression is crucial to attract visitors and convert them into customers. If you want a positive response from your customers, then you have to look at things from their point of view. You need to understand what customers want to see on your ecommerce website.

• Use a H1 tag for the product title. This will help search engines to find and index the product pages. As well as making sense to the search engines, it will also help visitors to understand what your page is about.

• People make decisions based on concrete issues. Having images of the products on ecommerce websites will help customers visualise the product. A strong visual impact can convince customers to make purchases. Having a 360 degree view of your products is one of the most effective methods to encourage sales. Using videos can also make selling products even easier as they can show how the product works, etc. This will make customers feel confident about the product they are purchasing.

• Create an ‘add to cart’ button that stands out. This will play a major role in getting the visitor to make a purchase.

• Product prices must be listed clearly – this will prevent shopping cart abandonment.  Discounts and special offers must also be displayed clearly. It is also good to include a currency converter on ecommerce websites, with shipping charges clearly indicated.

• Stock availability must be shown to avoid disappointing the customer.

• Show customers all available payment methods.

• Ecommerce websites must have a clear, concise, fair and appealing returns policy.  This will give customers a sense of security.

• Online shoppers are wary, and giving them more information about products will instil trust in your business. Where necessary, stores can incorporate a size guide on their website. Colour is also a very important factor when selling products, so list all available colours. Offering a live chat service or a prominent contact number can help to inform customers in case they have any questions.

• With so much fraud involved with online shopping, ecommerce websites need to carry various trust seals. This will give customers peace of mind.

• Include product reviews on the website to inform customers with honest opinions and therefore make them more likely to buy.

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