Store Express Can Help You Maintain Stock Control
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Store Express Can Help You Maintain Stock Control

posted in MultiChannel Ecommerce by StoreExpress on 09:08 Oct 7th, 2011

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With online shopping becoming increasingly popular it is more vital than ever to ensure that you’re receiving the maximum amount of sales from your marketplaces. If you are having difficulty deciding which would be the best marketplace for you to achieve this, Store Express Marketplace Edition can help you out. It has bespoke multichannel ecommerce methods that allow you to sell not only on your website, but also through well-known platforms including e-Bay and Amazon. Using multiple platforms can seem like a daunting task when you take into account matters such as stock control and order management. Yet Store Express are one step ahead and we provide advanced multichannel retailing in the form of marketplace edition, allowing you to control all your stock across multiple platforms from one place.

Store Express Marketplace Edition has plenty of advantages:

  • You only need to create an inventory once. This same inventory can be used to trade across all your platforms, as your inventory information will be synchronised across all your marketplaces in a single click.
  • Orders and sales are downloaded from multiple channels and are managed in one single space. Multichannel ecommerce allows all these orders to be automatically matched to payments and allocated to stock. It also facilitates re-order thresholds, etc.
  • You get a clear cut view of the shipping and payment status of all your orders. If shipment has not been done within the allotted shipping date the product will be flagged up. If the order has been paid and stock is allocated then a ready to ship sign appears. Multichannel retailing also helps you manage changes to orders through the same channel in which the order was made.
  • Refunds across platforms can also be controlled through one single CMS and notification is fed through various platforms, so you needn’t log into each account.
  • Multichannel ecommerce allows bulk stock updating, editing, and deleting.
  • You can differentiate between customers and markets by setting up several prices lists across various marketplaces.

To learn more about stock control contact StoreExpress, Building 4, Millars Brook, Molly Millars Lane, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG41 2AD. Telephone: 0845 050 3500. email:

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