inspiration for innovation
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inspiration for innovation

posted in Ecommerce News by Rich on 08:32 Jan 19th, 2012

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World wide web growing rapidly

With the web still growing rapidly and exponentially it can be difficult to come up with new ideas for an ecommerce website design. Unless you have a game-changer in mind, most ideas and methods are probably already out there. However, this is not a problem. In fact it's more of a blessing.
Website design, even design in general, is rarely about coming up with something brand new, but simply finding existing ideas and making them work together for a new cause. This loosely translates as innovation.

Innovation for web design

Innovation isn't difficult to come by, if you can find the right inspiration. Get inspired and get ideas and a website design, or any design at that, will begin to come together.

You can't design, or innovate, sat staring at a wall, or a piece of blank paper. It needs to be an active process. Go for a walk, or a run (I personally recommend this one, it's brilliant for thinking things out) draw something, research relevant topics on the internet on creative websites. There are many ways or encouraging inspiration for any sort of design thinking, including ecommerce website design, but the most important thing is to be pro-active about it.

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