Colour Theory in Online Marketing
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Colour Theory in Online Marketing

posted in Ecommerce News by Rich on 08:24 Jan 11th, 2012

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When selling online it is important to remember that visitors to your ecommerce website will place visual performance and colour above all other factors when shopping. This is not their fault. In truth we are all wired to appreciate looks first and foremost, and it is your job, as their guide through your shopping process, to provide them with pleasing and relevant visuals.

85% of shoppers cite colour as the reason they buy a certain product.
Whether it's the colour of the product itself, the packaging it comes in or even the button you clicked on to buy it, we are all subconsciously affected and influenced by colour.

Colour speaks to us; it effects our mood, our opinion of the brand or product it adorns, even our heart rate. If an commerce website is how you sell your wares, then you ignore colour theory at your peril.

Whether it's the overall scheme, the logo, or the "Add to bag" button of your ecommerce solution, careful consideration must go into the choice of colour and what it communicates.

Here are some examples of what particular colours might commincate:

1.    Red:
       Energetic. Warm.
       Often linked to danger and urgency (stop signs are a good example).

       Seen advertising clearance sales.

2.    Yellow:
       Optimistic. Youthful. Warm.
       Used to grab attention.

3.    Blue:
       Trustworthy. Cool.
       Seen in banks and corporations.

4.    Green:
       Wealth. Calm.
       Used to relax shoppers. Useful to instill confidence in a consumer.

5.    Black:
       Powerful. Streamlined.
       Good for luxury products.

These barely scratch the surface of colour theory, and if your ecommerce website is multinational bear in mind that different cultures will have different interpretations of colours so design your ecommerce solution accordingly.

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